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On Board Maintenance Painting

Why use SteelPaint for On Board Maintenance of ships?

To know the solution, it is important to first understand the problem. Why is corrosion happening, how do we stop it or slow it down, and what makes one product perform better then the other. Did you calculate in the human error factor?

Lucite All in 5 House Paint for wall and ceiling

Which is now the best matte paint for walls and ceilings?

We compared Lucite All-in 5 Mat vs Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige Mat vs Sikkens Alphacryl Morpha vs Herbol Zenit PU 03 Mat.

Do bitcherman coatings perform the same as good old coal tar?

And what are the new technology alternatives?

Schilderen schip binnenvaart kustvaart teervervanger

Look at her shine!

This is SUPER High Gloss!

Corrosion protection of cargo holds on board iron ore carriers using Single pack Moisture Cured PU Zinc

All you need to know about the performance, time and cost savings that can be achieved using Moisture Cured Urethane Zinc coatings in dry bulk cargo holds

SteelPaint Stelpant PU Zinc in dry bulk cargo hold tanks

Intersleek ®

Combating micro-fouling on ships hull, maintaining vessel performance

Intersleek Fouling Release Coating