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On Board Maintenance Painting

Why use SteelPaint for On Board Maintenance of ships?

To know the solution, it is important to first understand the problem. Why is corrosion happening, how do we stop it or slow it down, and what makes one product perform better then the other. Did you calculate in the human error factor?

Choose the right brush & roller for the job!

With many generic types of paints, substrates and brush and rollers, it can be difficult to be sure what brush or roller to choose for the job.

Choose the right brush or roller
Raamkaders, deuren en garagepoort geschilderd met Trimetal Permacryl Satin Watergedragen lak voor binnen en buiten

Water-based varnishes or solvent-based lacauers for my window frames, which one is best?

The question we ask ourselves, what do solvent-based or synthetic lacquers such as a Trimetal Permaline type lacquer do better than a water-based lacquer such as the Trimetal Permacryl lacquers?

What is corrosion and how to prevent it?

The word corrosion derives from Latin ‘corrodere’ which translates to ‘gnaw to pieces’. For marine applications, mild steel remains the number one metal for constructional purposes, its main drawback being that it corrodes easily in […]


How to calculate the right amount of paint?

With these handy tips and a calculator, you can easily calculate the right amount of paint before you go to the store. Follow our 5 handy steps to measure your room, so you’re sure to buy the right amount of paint for your job.
What do you need?

How to Paint a Wooden Door



Levis color tester – Test your color first!

Voor je gaat schilderen de échte verfkleur op de muur zien: dat geeft vertrouwen.