Pre-Prime – Rustbond – Penetrating corrosion sealer

Pre-prime before coating to deep penetrate and seal corrosion areas and extend durability over St2 or ST3 hand or power tool cleaning.

Polymeric Epoxy Amine

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QtyBrush/roller or spray?Max. surface
1 (5l, 20l.)Min. consumption brush/roller: 35 m2/lt175m2
1 (5l, 20l.)Min. consumption spray typical DFT: m2/lt0m2


Rustbond is a cross-linked penetrating primer/sealer with excellent wetting properties. It is highly flexible with good chemical and solvent resistance, and accept a variety of topcoats. Recommended use as primer/sealers for marginally prepared steel and over old coatings. Its excellent wetting properties allows it to penetrate rust and discontinuities in existing coatings and provide a firm anchorage for a variety of topcoats. Its thixotropic character reduces run off, ensuring that the edges of existing coatings are encapsulted thus reducing undercutting and peeling. It may also be used as a tie-coat for coatings that exceed their “recoat window.” Consult Carboline Technical Services Department for specific recommendations.

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20L, 5L

Product type

Coating, Lining or PFP


Market Segment

Commercial & Architectural, Marine, Marine infrastructure, Oil & Gas Upstream, Petrochemical, Power – Thermal Fuel, Pulp & Paper


Gloss Level

High gloss



Compatible with

1 component, 2 component


Pre-Prime (penetrating sealer)



Carbon Steel, Painted (1 component), Painted (2 component)


Solvent Free


Industrial Coatings, Marine Coatings

Surf Prep M&R


UV resistance - Low (*) to High (*****)


Quality - Low (*) to High (*****)


Productivity - Low (*) to High (*****)


ISO 12944 Environment

C4, C5, Cx

Detailed information about Pre-Prime – Rustbond – Penetrating corrosion sealer

Intended usesPre-prime before coating to deep penetrate and seal corrosion areas and extend durability over St2 or ST3 hand or power tool cleaning.
Volume solids99%
Max. DFT50 µm
Min. DFT25 µm
Theor m2/lt at average DFT30 m2/lt
Typical DFT35
Min. consumption brush/roller m2/lt35 m2/lt
Drying time (25C)2 days hrs
Drying time (10C)70°F (21°C) hrs
ChemistryPolymeric Epoxy Amine


Product nameDocument nameDocument typeLanguageDownload
Pre-Prime – Rustbond – Penetrating corrosion sealerPDS Rust Bond Pre-primeProduct Data SheetEnglish Download


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