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International Paint, pioneer in antifouling!

“Did you know that International Paint is the inventor of anti-fouling?”

Watch this video to know the history of Interntional Paint as pioneer in antifouling coating technology.

The history

Read about the history of International Paint on Wikipedia.

1881 – The first drum of International Paint was already mixed back in 1881.

1960 – Ships became bigger, and foulling became alge dominated

1974 – Firs reveal of self-polishing technology on a Norwegian ship with fenomenal performanc

Continued Technology Development

International Paint was the first to launch TBT Free in the form of Intersmooth SPC Cupper Acrylate Technology

Then came Interswift, a Controled Depletion Polymer to reduce cost and improve performance on slow moving vessels

In the late 90’s, International Paint was the first to relaease Intersleek foulig release technology, based on a Fluoropolymer resin, to comply with the sustainability ambitions of International Paint, and the shipping industry.

The latest release is Intersleek 1100SR. Watch the video about Intersleek here.

In 2011, International Paint added sylil acrylate anti-fouling technology to the range, with Intersmooth 76465Si

Why use anti-fouling

Antifoulings will reduce the drag of a ship, or friction in the water, and therefore can significantly reduce fuel consumption and costs, as well as reduce CO2 emissions.

Which anti-fouling works best on Inland ships

Check out International Paint’s Intersmooth 6600 and Intersmooth 6800HS in the PaintDeals online paintstore. Intersmooth 6800HS is higher volume solids, and further advanced technology, allowing for higher film buid in a single coat, potentially reducing the numer of coats.