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Interview with Alexander Heuvelman HTS Shipping

Over 20 years epxerience with International Paint

Anyone who has seen the ships of the Heuvelman family knows that they always look Pico Bello!

Inland ships International Paint

We did an on-board interview with Alexander Heuvelman at quay 410 at 7am after delivering new paint brushes to lubricate the International Perfection .

Alexander, what is your experience with International and the different products?

The Intershield, Intertuf and Interthane for 20 years, and for 12 years the International Perection yacht paints on the advice of International Paint.

Before that, we often used the 1 component, mainly for ease of use, but the wear resistance was a lot less. So now 2 components.

The Intershield and Intertuf are top products that you can simply apply at any time of the day or season, outside in the rain.

The Interthane started a little harder as the adhesion was less if the substrate was not clean, but they haven’t suffered from that in the last 10 years.

Perfection is great, a bit more expensive, but you have to know how. Especially the white colour on larger surfaces, a bit windy and sensitive to the sun, and if you think it fits nicely, it can sometimes still start sagging a bit. It is a product with an instruction manual, but… if you know the instruction manual, it is a product that:

  1. Is super smooth gloss finish
  2. Has very high wear resistance
  3. Stays tidy for several years
  4. Does not fade

So if you calculate everything back purely financially, then it is definitely worth the investment.

The International Perfection is used where it should “shine”, and without too much foot traffic. The living quarters, bridge, bulwark and engine room.

The hatch coaming is done in the Interthane 990 as it is very strong, less expensive, and therefore more suitable for the cargo area.

Alexander, where do you use the 2 components, and where do you use the 1 component like Intertuf 203?

The 1 component Intertuf is in the container loading zone in the cargo hold, as it suffers a lot. It is then easier to quickly add a touch up layer of 1 component paint.

Last week, still in mid-January, just not raining and windy. The boys got into the hold and smeared with Intertuf 203. An hour later the rain came, and the paint was already dry.

Which pre-treatment do you do?

If it’s really bare, we’ll do a sanding first, then the Intershield over it. And then we move on to the Intertuf . In case of cosmetic damage, we simply go directly with the Intertuf .

Can you smear the Intershield over the 1 componet according to your experience?

Intershield is simply a TOP product. It fits everywhere, it lasts everywhere, it can be done anywhere. Even if you don’t follow the rules of International, Intershield is still the right answer.

Now there’s Intershield One 2 One , with a 1 to 1 mixing ratio.

I’ve actually looked at that and am thinking about trying it.

Have you started using the Interuf 362 more?

On the outside of the ship, everything was in 362, a beautiful product, but a few years later, due to the increasing layer thickness, since we give a cosmetic layer 1 to 2 times a year and touch up spots…. In places where it does not suffer much, there is now a significant film thickness, and the product will crack due to the operation of the ship. That’s why we’re thinking about going back to the Intertuf 203 black, because the elasticity is slightly better.

What do you think of the Steelpaint test

We have tried the test drum you gave us, and it was certainly not negative. In the hold we have tested in crucial places, and the wear resistance is very good.

What is the durability of International Perfection , and how does it compare to the 1 component?

We used the 1 component for many years, and you could easily do no maintenance for 5 years, but after 5 years you see that the 1 component opens, the dirt gets in, and you can’t get it clean anymore .

On the latest purchase of HTS Schipping, the Victoria, there was also a 1 component white paint used. The last 4-5 years little had been done in terms of maintenance, and we can’t get it clean.

Also towards shine, the first year the 1 component paint shines nicely, and then the shine goes away again. With 2 component Perfection , it will shine, and it will really shine for 4-5 years. That makes it financially again interesting to invest in International’s Perfection.

Does the 1 component have to be removed again, to continue with 2 component?

A layer of Intershield works wonders.

Have you ever tried with Interprime 198?

Yes, a good product as well for sure. You can also overcoat Interprime 198 with a 2 component.

We also have the Steelaint MICA-UV satin gloss for the hull, which is UV resistant, stays beautifully black, and is washable. You like to have the ships spick and span, but the epoxy and other products on the hull will of course wear out, but naturally also gain and discolor.

That’s interesting for sure, but if you glare, does the shine stay?

Unfortunately not, as the surface is sanded, and thus becomes rougher and less shiny.

But it is a 1 component , supplied with MIO, which is very flexible and will never crack, and can be painted in all seasons, even on damp substrates, and at freezing temperatures. The MIO also gives a pearly metallic effect in the long run. Chalk it never works.

We have indeed seen that with the Stelpant PU-Zinc primer. We did it on purpose on a damp to rainy surfaces. It holds and it works well.

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