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Buying masking tape is wise when you plan to paint. This tape makes it easier to work quickly and neatly. Masking tape is also called masking tape or painter’s tape. PaintDeals’ assortment offers a wide selection of masking tape. The tape can be used for a variety of applications.

Tesa 4438 Blue Masking Tape 25mm x 50m

Buying masking tape before you start painting

It is not for nothing that painters use tape extensively. In fact, painting using masking tape has a number of advantages. Masking tape is easy to apply but also easy to remove, without causing damage to underlying surfaces. When two colors of paint come together on a wall, it can be difficult to create a nice, dead straight separation in this. Masking tape provides an ideal dividing line in this regard. Masking tape also provides the solution when separating wall and ceiling or floor. Finally, masking off window frames, walls, doors, electrical outlets or other objects allows for faster work without smearing the underlying surfaces with paint. Also order double-sided tape for walls from us to easily hang paintings and other wall decorations.

What types of masking tape can I buy?

PaintDeals offers different types of masking tape for various applications.

  • Paper masking tape strong: this attractively priced, strong masking tape can be used with all types of paint and offers good adhesion to most substrates, but is not suitable for delicate substrates such as latex or acrylic paint.
  • Universal strong precision masking tape: this masking tape offers excellent adhesion to all surfaces, including plastic, rubber and irregular surfaces. Suitable with solvent- and water-based paints. Available in 19mm, 38mm and 50mm widths.
  • Yellow Tesa precision masking tape: this reliable tape prevents paint cracking and expensive retouching work. Perfect for two-color applications. This tape is available in 19 mm and 38 mm widths.
  • Pink Tesa precision masking tape: the pink masking tape from Tesa is ideally suited for sensitive surfaces such as wall coverings, wallpaper and paint and is available in 19 mm and 38 mm widths.
  • Tesa precision masking tape in blue: this is an ideal masking tape for outdoors or high temperatures. The tape adheres strongly to substrates such as cement, concrete, glass, aluminum, coatings and ceramics.

Do you want to buy masking tape or stucloper on a roll for stucco work? Then choose the orange Tesa plastering tape.

Buy your masking tape from us

At PaintDeals, you can buy masking tape for a variety of applications: from painting to stucco, indoor to outdoor. There is a suitable masking tape for every application. Will you be remodeling or renovating soon? Then make sure you start the job well prepared, and perhaps at a discount. Choose to buy masking tape from PaintDeals right away. For questions or comments, you can always contact customer service at +32 475407265, the e-mail address or via the contact form.

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