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Definitely don’t forget to buy masking tape or painter’s tape when you take on a paint job! This allows you to work easily and better avoid stains. This is why masking tape is so popular with painters. With us you can buy different types of masking tape. We are happy to tell you which painter’s tape is best to buy for which application.

Universal strong precision Masking Tape 38mm x 50m to tape off for painting

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Masking with painter’s tape allows you to work faster, but still neatly. For example, you can buy masking tape from us to separate two colors on the same wall, resulting in a straight dividing line. Also, masking tape makes it easier to create a straight separation between the wall and the ceiling or floor. Finally, masking tape on window frames, baseboards or other objects can help you paint faster without coloring out of line. Those are plenty of reasons to buy painter’s tape or masking tape from PaintDeals!

Buy masking tape for painting

At PaintDeals, you can buy different types of masking tape for painting:

  • Washi precision masking tape or universal strong precision masking tape: this masking tape, which you can buy from us, has excellent adhesion to all surfaces, including plastic and rubber. The masking tape can be used as an application on curved profiles and irregular surfaces. This tape is compatible with solvent- and water-based paints and easy to remove, leaving no residue. You can choose from widths of 19 mm, 38 mm and 50 mm.
  • Tesa precision masking tape in yellow: this reliable high-quality masking tape will save you considerable retouching work, thanks to its balanced acrylic adhesive. The adhesive of this painter’s tape can be stuck extremely flat to any surface and prevents paint cracking. You can buy this painter’s tape in widths of 19 mm or 38 mm.
  • Tesa precision masking tape in pink for sensitive surfaces: this painter’s tape is ideally suited for masking sensitive surfaces such as wall coverings, wallpaper and painted surfaces. The extremely soft but firmly adhesive tape prevents paint cracks or surface damage. This innovative tape contains an extremely thin, tear-resistant layer. You can buy this type of masking tape in 19 mm and 38 mm widths.
  • Blue Tesa precision outdoor masking tape: this reliable 25 mm width masking tape is designed for high temperature applications and outdoor use and you can easily buy from us. The tape adheres strongly to cement, concrete, glass, aluminum profiles, core boards, coatings and ceramics and protects against weathering for 2 months.
  • Orange Tesa plastering tape: this plasticized PVC tape with rubber adhesive is suitable for most surfaces. Once applied, the 50 mm plastering tape is resistant to moisture, weakly alkaline solutions, acids and other chemicals. Painting tape is an ideal application for plastering or stucco work and you can easily buy it from us.

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Buy your masking tape from us

You can buy painter’s tape and all kinds of paints online from us. Still in doubt about the right choice? Then our staff will be happy to tell you which masking tape is best to buy. Contact our customer service team at our phone number +32 475407265 or email address or order the masking tape of your choice directly.

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