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No weather to paint?

Think again!

Think again….

AkzoNobel, one of the 3 largest paints & coatings companies in the world, invests annually over 300M USD in innovation, working with various universities and innovation partners. A recent success is AkzoNobel’s Paint the Future program, where the world’s brightest startups join AkzoNobel.

For more then 15 years, AkzoNobel has been ranked global top 3 in the Dow Jones Sustainability index, most often ranked Nr.1. Read more about AkzoNobel’ sustainability ambitions here.

One of AkzoNobel’s leading brands in the Marine & Protective Coatings industry is International Paint.

Painting in high humidity

For over 30 years, International Paint has technology in range that are designed for use in combination with high humidity challenges.

One of International Paint’s global best sellers is Interzone 954, a high volume solids moisture surface tolerant epoxy, initially developed to maintain jackets of offshore platforms, in combination with UHP Waterjetting surface preparation.

Interzone 954 can be applied to slightly damp substrates, and cures further in immersion 30min after application.

Interzone 954 is a single coat system, that can be applied to 500micr.DFT in a single coat, providing over 15 years durability in Offshore and Marine Environment. Read the brochure here.

Interzone 954 in mean time has expanded its service as a non-skid deck coating, as well as tank lining due to its exceptional abrasion and impact resistance, as also wide chemical resistance.

Interzone 954 as a high solids product is environmentally friendly, reducing solvent emissions and carbon footprint.

In the same technology family, International Paint more recently launch products such as Intergard 5000 and Intergard 5000 Brush Grade, for use in the Marine industry.

If that was all not enough, Interzone 954 has now been widely recognised as the best performing surface tolerant coating. The performance over inferior surface preparation methods to gritblasting, such as ISO 8501 St3 power tool cleaning, is second to none.

Painting in cold climate

There is many epoxy technologies that have the capability to cure in cold climate, but those that stand out are the phenalkamine cured type, such as the flagship product Intershield 300 from Internatioal Paint.

Intershield 300 for close to 30 years has been recognised as the best performing pure aluminium epoxy universal primer in the marine industry.

Intershield 300 also found its way in the Offshore market, used on FPSO’s that are designed to remain on station for over 25 years, and some even longer such as Ichtys, for more then 30 years. Intershield 300 by far, has been the most trusted product in this market over the passed 15years +.

Used on probably over 20.000 Marine ships, demonstrating less then 0.1% corrosion in the most harsh corrosive environments, such as Shell Bonga in West Africa, of SBM FPSO’s operating in Brasil.

More recently, Intershield 300 was used with great success in some of the world’s largest onshore & offshore LNG projects, such as Ichtys in Darwin, Yamal in the the furtest northern point of Siberia (-50°C), or Chevron’s largest oil production plant in Tengiz Kazakhstan (-35°C).

Why? Because Intershield 300 can cure to -10°C, and provide >25 years corrosion protection without major maintenance in the harshest corrosive climates.

Also the ice breaking LNG carries sailing to Yamal have been protected with Intershield 300, and Intershield 163 Inerta Ice Class Coatings. Inteshield range has exceptional impact and abrasion resistance.

Did you know that recently the performance of Intershield 300 was proven to be equivalen to thermal spray aluminium?

The beste of two worlds

Yes, it does exist. This would be in the Steelpaint moisture cured urethane technology range, distributed by PaintDeals to the inland shipping market in Belgium and Netherlands.

Moisture Cured Urethane resin based coating, generically have the capability to:

  1. Tolerate damp substrates during application
  2. Cure in immersion 20min after application
  3. Cure down to -5C

One of the flagship Steelpaint products would most definitely be Stelpant PU-Zinc. Stelpant PU-Zinc is a zinc rich primer with some unique features, such as:

  1. The only true surface tolerant zinc in the market
  2. Excellent over tight rust or power tool cleaned substrates
  3. Compatible with most 1 & 2 component existing coatings
  4. Exceptional impact and abrasion resistance, as proven in this report.

Recently, DEME Dredging used Stelpant PU-Zinc in two coats of 100micr. to protect their cargo hold doors.

If you want to know more about International’s technology solutions for challenging climates, don’t hesitate to contact the paint experts from PaintDeals, distributor of International Paint and Steelpaints in Belgium and Netherlands.