Rubson Paintable sealant for grouting & sealing – indoor & outdoor

Rubson F130 Acrylic Kitt


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Rubson F130 Acrylic is a paintable acrylic sealant for sealing joints between various materials such as wood, stone, concrete, plaster…etc. For all joints and cracks in, among other things, window and door frames, stairs, wall and extension furniture, plasterboard panels, connection joints between wall and ceiling … etc.

*Does not adhere to PA, PE, PP, Teflon® and bitumen


  • Remove the old sealant using the Rubson Sealant Remover.
  • Clean and degrease the surface with alcohol or acetone.
  • The surface must be clean, solid and free of grease.
  • Pre-moisten highly absorbent substrates.
  • The joint at the edges at approx. Mask off 6mm with masking tape.

Applying the kit:

  • Open the cartridge with the Rubson Silicone Tool and screw the supplied clear nozzle onto the cartridge.
  • Cut the nozzle to the desired joint width.
  • Place the cartridge in the Rubson Grout Gun and apply the grout evenly and smooth.
  • Remove the excess fresh grout.
  • Remove the adhesive tape and smooth again
  • Close the nozzle with the red cap.

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