Levis Primer Wall & Ceiling – Matt – White – 0,75L, 2.5L, 5L, 10L

Insulating water-dilutable primer for interior walls and ceilings in plaster, plasterboard, fiberglass fabric and on old or restored primers in good condition. The use of the primer prevents differences in gloss in the final coats and insulates absorption differences in the substrate.

Insulating primer

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Levis Primer Wall & Ceiling

White, opaque water-based primer with good penetrating power.


For interior walls and ceilings in plaster, plasterboard, fiberglass and wallpaper. Also

suitable on old paint layers in good condition.


Prevents color and gloss differences. Increases adhesion and hiding power. Isolates stains. fixes light powdery surfaces.

This product carries the EU Ecolabel: BE/044/003

To colour

White, gray, ocher yellow


White: 0.75l, 2.5l, 5l & 10l

Also available in volume+ products: 5l + 20% free – 10l + 20% free

Gray and ocher yellow: 2.5 l

Stir well before use. Processing with brush or wool roller (hair length 10-12 mm). ready to use. Processing temperature between 10 °C and 25 °C.

Cleaning tools with water.

Efficiency: 10 m²/l per layer

Drying time: Recoatable: 4 hours at 20°C


Product description


Plaster, plasterboard, cement cladding, brick, wallpaper, concrete, aerated concrete, concrete blocks, fiberglass.

Preparation of new surfaces

  • Plaster, plasterboard, wallpaper, fiberglass.

Clean the surface and make it dust-free. If applicable: cracks and cracks and holes fill with a suitable Polyfilla product. If necessary, lighten the surface (e.g. plaster) sanding and thoroughly dusting.

Then apply 1 layer of Levis Primer Mur & Plafond. Use Levis Primer Mur & Ceiling Gray for a pure red or burgundy finish and Levis Primer Mur & Ceiling Ocher yellow for a pure yellow or orange finish. For non-coherent substrates, Levis Isoprim recommended as a primer.

  • Cement occupancy, brick, raw concrete, aerated concrete, concrete blocks.

Dust the substrate. Apply 1 layer of Levis Isoprim, especially if the substrate powders. Possibly then a layer of Levis Primer Mur & Ceiling Gray for a pure red or burgundy finish and Levis Primer Mur & Ceiling Ocher Yellow for a pure yellow or orange finish.

Preparation for renovation

  • Priming is usually not required on old coats in good condition if properly prepared.
  • If applicable: fill cracks, cracks and holes with a suitable Polyfilla product.
  • Sand off poorly adhering paint. Then dust off.
  • Wash/degrease well-adhering old layers with ammonia water (9 parts water and 1 part ammonia). Sand and dust if necessary.
  • Be sure to apply a primer to the bare and repaired areas (see new surfaces).


2 layers of Levis Wall Indoor, Levis Expert Wall or another Levis wall paint.

Substrates and instructions for use

  • Waste as little paint as possible by estimating how much paint you need.
  • Close unused paint well before reuse.
  • The reuse of paint can reduce the environmental impact of the products during their life cycl significantly reduce.

To estimate how much paint you will need, please use the formula below:

surface to be painted (m 2 )

efficiency (m 2l) × number of layers = number of liters of paint needed

The practical efficiency may vary depending on the condition and the degree of absorption of the substrate, the surface and the method of application.

  • Dispose of contents and packaging in accordance with local, regional or national regulations.
  • Carefully read the safety information on the label and refer to section 8 on our safety data sheet for the choice of personal protection measures.
  • Immediately clean the used tools with water and minimize the necessary amount of water. Do not dispose of waste water and paint residues in the sink or toilet or don’t throw them in a trash can.
  • Before opening, store the product upright in a well-ventilated place protected against frost, heat and moisture. Close the jar tightly after use and store the product as indicated above, in the original packaging.
  • The European Ecolabel certificate is only awarded to the white paint.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children.

Do not throw waste into the sink. The SDS sheets are available on the website

VOC content:

This product contains a maximum of 3 g/l VOC. EU limit value for this product (category A/a): 30 g/l (2010).


Close packaging tightly again. Store frost-free.

Security and Storage

This technical record, dated 24-10-2017, cancels and replaces all previous editions. This technical data is based on on our own knowledge and experiments and are provided to you as a guideline. However, this does not imply any formal liability for use of our products. Always ask our services whether there is no new index card of recent date.

For further advice: tel. +32 (0)800.24.111

In case of intoxication, immediately contact the Poison Control Center on number: +32 (0)70.245.245

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Additional information


0,75L, 10+2L, 2,5L, 5+1L




Product type

Room Type

Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining room, Hall, Kitchen, Living room, Nursery, Office

Surface Description

Existing paint, Fiberglass coatings, Plasterboard (ie. Gyproc), Wallpaper





Single pack


Water based

Detailed information about Levis Primer Wall & Ceiling – Matt – White – 0,75L, 2.5L, 5L, 10L

Volume0,75 L
VOCWater based gr/lt
Theor m2/lt at average DFT10 m2/lt
Drying time (25C)2-3 hrs hrs
ChemistryInsulating primer


Product name Document name Document type Document language Document download
Levis Primer Wall & Ceiling – Matt – White – 0,75L, 2.5L, 5L, 10L TDS Levis Primer Muur & Plafond Download
Levis Primer Wall & Ceiling – Matt – White – 0,75L, 2.5L, 5L, 10L MSDS Levs Primer Mur & Plafond Download