Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige – Matt – White / Color – 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 10L

MAGNACRYL PRESTIGE MAT is a matt, insulating wall paint with high scrub resistance. Not shiny.

Pure Acrylic

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Qty Brush/roller or spray? Max. surface
1 (10 Ll.) Min. consumption brush/roller: 11 m2/lt 110m2
1 (10 Ll.) Min. consumption spray typical DFT: m2/lt 0m2
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MAGNACRYL PRESTIGE MAT is a matt, insulating wall paint with high scrub resistance. Not
• An insulating wall paint. It prevents the bleeding of water-soluble stains such as nicotine, ink, dried
moisture rings, etc.
• Can isolate/ block plasticizers .
• Serves simultaneously as a primer and as a finish ( one-pot system ) and gives a smooth end result ( good flow ).
• A matte paint that does not shine . It can be ideally applied to walls in rooms subject to shaving light or incident
• Is a non-porous paint that can be applied on a wide variety of surfaces such as plaster, concrete, primed
substrates, fiberglass, etc.
• Extends through its non-porous nature of the open time of the next layer.
• A low- tension paint that can be applied to old ones without the risk of detachment due to voltage differences
layers of paint.
• The risk of cracking on acrylic sealant is very small, given its flexibility.
• Is very scrub-resistant after complete drying ( class 1 according to DIN EN 13300) and resistant to most water-based
• Is water and grease repellent (also called “hydrophobic” and “lipophobic”) and therefore has an extremely low dirt absorption.
• Can also be used in areas where food is prepared, treated and processed in accordance with HACCP
principles or REGULATION (EC) No 852/2004 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the hygiene of foodstuffs
• Water vapor permeable
• Unsaponifiable
MAGNACRYL PRESTIGE MAT can be applied indoors on dry, coherent and clean substrates.
Substrate pre-treatment
New surfaces
• Remove parts and dust that do not adhere or do not adhere well by brushing or cleaning.
• Apply a first coat of MAGNACRYL PRESTIGE MAT , diluted with 5 to 10% water or a coat of MAGNAPRIM FIX or
Apply MAGNAPRIM if necessary diluted with 5 to 10% water.
Pre-painted surfaces in good condition
• Clean, degloss old glossy paint layers and clean if necessary using POLYFIILA PRO S600 .
Previously painted surfaces in poor condition:
• Remove non-adherent parts, open cracks and repair with POLYFILLA PRO X100 .
• Prime the repaired areas with a first coat of MAGNACRYL PRESTIGE MAT diluted with 5 to 10% water or a coat of
MAGNAPRIM FIX or MAGNAPRIM optionally diluted with 5 to 10% water.
• Apply 1 coat of MAGNACRYL PRESTIGE MAT , thinned by 5 to 10%, on less coherent and highly absorbent substrates.
water or a layer of MAGNAPRIM FIX or MAGNAPRIM possibly diluted with 5 to 10% water.
• Apply 1 or 2 coats of MAGNACRYL PRESTIGE MAT undiluted until full coverage.
1. Substrates with water-soluble components (nicotine stains, ink, …): It is necessary to apply 2 undiluted layers
with a minimum interval of 24 hours to avoid blood flow. You can also work with
DIALPRIM as an insulating base layer.
2. To obtain a nice decorative aspect: please respect the yield of ± 10 m 2 /L + a fur roll with
hair length (pile height) of ± 12 mm can be use
12-2017 | TNT8240-0
Drying time at 20°C and 60% RH
• Dust dry 1 hour
• Dry 1 hour
• Paintable 6 hours
24 hours, if contaminated with water-soluble stains
Processing conditions
• Substrate Temperature min. 10°C
• Ambient temperature min. 10°C – Max. 30°C
• Relative humidity Max. 80%
Processing and dilution
• Brush and roll ready to use
• Syringe Please consult us.
Cleaning material
Water, preferably immediately after use
• Binder(s)
100% Acrylic
• Pigment(s)
Titanium dioxide and stable mineral fillers
• Solvent
• Dry matter content
By weight: 61 ± 2% By volume: 43 ± 2%
• VOC-EU limit value
EU limit value for this product (cat A/a): 30 g/l (2010).
This product contains max. 30 g/l VOC.
• Aspect
Matt (3-5 GU at 60° and less than 3 GU at 85°)
• Colour
White + 2 Bases: AW and AC
• Colorize
Via the Trimetal ACOMIX color mixing machine
• Packaging
1L – 2.5L – 5L – 10L
• Density at 20°C
1.45 ± 0.05
• Theoretical return
± 10 m²/l/layer (depending on the suction power and roughness of the substrate)
• Din EN 13300
• wet wear resistance : class 1
• hiding power : class 2
• gloss level : matt ( < 3GU at 85°)
• grain size : fine ≤ 100µ
• Indoor air quality emissions
A+ (gradation ranging from A+(very weak emission) to C(strong emission))
Store preferably frost-free and protected in the original and unopened packaging, at a temperature between 5°C and 35°C.
At least 24 months shelf life under stated conditions.
Consult our product safety data sheet. If you do not have it, it will be sent to you on request.
Keep out of reach of children.

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10L, 1L, 2,5L, 5L

Product type



Surface Description

Brick & Cement, Concrete, Fiberglass coatings, Plaster / Stucco, Plasterboard (ie. Gyproc), Wallpaper, Wallpaper with plasticizers



Single pack



Gloss Level



Water based

Detailed information about Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige – Matt – White / Color – 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 10L

Volume10 L
Theor m2/lt at average DFT10 m2/lt
Min. consumption brush/roller m2/lt11 m2/lt
Drying time (25C)6 hrs
Min. application temp.10
ChemistryPure Acrylic


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Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige – Matt – White / Color – 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 10L PDS Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige Download
Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige – Matt – White / Color – 1L, 2.5L, 5L, 10L MSDS Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige Download

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