Intergard 263 (20L) – Epoxy Paint – Tie Coat Antifouling

A two pack, tar free, epoxy primer tie coat linking antifouling systems with anti-corrosive epoxy primer systems.


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Qty Brush/roller or spray? Max. surface
1 (20 Ll.) Min. consumption brush/roller: 5.13 m2/lt 102.6m2
1 (20 Ll.) Min. consumption spray typical DFT: 3.42 m2/lt 68.4m2


Product Description

AkzoNobel International Paint’s Intergard 263 is an epoxy tie coat which maximises adhesion of anti-fouling coatings to existing coatings. Suitable for use in new construction and maintenance, Intergard 263 is highly versatile and is compatible with a wide range of new and aged coatings.

Typical end uses

  • A tie coat between epoxy primer anticorrosives and either antifoulings or cosmetic finishes to ensure maximum system adhesion and performance on outside shell vessel areas.
  • As a sealer coat over Tributyltin (TBT) antifoulings.
  • For use at Newbuilding, Maintenance & Repair or On Board Maintenance.

Additional information




Product type


Detailed information about Intergard 263 (20L) – Epoxy Paint – Tie Coat Antifouling

Intended usesAs a tie coat between anti-corrosive primers or existing antifoulings and new layer of antifouling
Volume20 L
Volume solids57%
VOC445 g/lt as supplied (EPA Method 24) gr/lt
Max. DFT200 micr. DFT µm
Min. DFT100 micr. DFT µm
Theor m2/lt at average DFT5.7 m2/lt
Typical DFT100 micr. DFT
Min. consumption brush/roller m2/lt5.13 m2/lt
Min. consumption spray m2/lt typical DFT3.42 m2/lt
Drying time (25C)16 hrs hrs
Drying time (10C)20 hrs hrs
Drying time min. temp72hrs at -5°C
Min. application temp.-5°C


Product name Document name Document type Document language Document download
Intergard 263 (20L) – Epoxy Paint – Tie Coat Antifouling PDS Intergard 263 Epoxy Tie Coat EN Product Data Sheet English Download
Intergard 263 (20L) – Epoxy Paint – Tie Coat Antifouling MSDS Intergard 263 Part A MSDS English Download

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