Intergard 269 (5L & 20L) – Epoxy Primer

Epoxy Primer / Tie Coat

Epoxy primer

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Qty Brush/roller or spray? Max. surface
1 (5L, 20Ll.) Min. consumption brush/roller: 10,62 m2/lt 50m2
1 (5L, 20Ll.) Min. consumption spray typical DFT: 7,08 m2/lt 35m2


Product Description

AkzoNobel International Paint’s Intergard 269 epoxy pirmer is a quick drying two component epoxy Primer. Suitable for overcoating after prolonged periods of weathering.

Intended use

For use as a primer for the protection of prepared steel prior to the application of a wide range of products. Can also be used as a tie coat for application to freshly applied zinc primers to prevent zinc salt formation on weathering and to reduce pinholing of subsequent applied coatings.

AkzoNobel International Paint’s Intergard 269  is also a very good epoxy primer tie-coat for non-ferrous steel such as aluminium or stainless steel, which makes it a suitabel coating for painting aluminium boats.

AkzoNobel International Paint’s Intergard 269 also has excellent adhesion to fibreglass making it a suitable solution to for painting bottom and topside of fibreglass boats.

Suitable for use with controlled cathodic protection.

For use at Newbuilding, Maintenance & Repair or On Board Maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 1.65 kg





Detailed information about Intergard 269 (5L & 20L) – Epoxy Primer

Intended usesAs a blast holding Primer suitable for use in immersed and exposed conditions and overcoatable with a wide range of high performance systems. For use at both new construction and maintenance. Also for use as a tie coat on zinc silicate to prevent zinc salt formation on weathering and pinholing of subsequent high build topcoats.
Volume5L, 20L
Volume solids47%
VOC450 gr/lt
Max. DFT40 µm
Min. DFT40 µm
Theor m2/lt at average DFT11,80 m2/lt
Typical DFT40
Min. consumption brush/roller m2/lt10,62 m2/lt
Min. consumption spray m2/lt typical DFT7,08 m2/lt
Drying time (25C)8 hrs
Drying time (10C)12 hrs
Drying time min. temp16
Min. application temp.10ºC
Max. operating temp.?
ChemistryEpoxy primer


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Intergard 269 (5L & 20L) – Epoxy Primer PDS Intergard 269 Product Data Sheet English Download

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