Perfection – 2C High Gloss Yacht Lacquer

Create a pro-like finish with this long-lasting, high-gloss topside paint. With UV filters, superb colour retention and great chemical and abrasion resistance, it has everything you need

2 part Polyurethane

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QtyBrush/roller or spray?Max. surface
1 (0.75L, 2.5Ll.)Min. consumption brush/roller: 11.90 m2/lt8.925m2
1 (0.75L, 2.5Ll.)Min. consumption spray typical DFT: m2/lt0m2


Perfection 2­part polyurethane is the ultimate performing, high gloss topside finish. It provides the longest­lasting, ultra­high gloss finish that has superb colour retention, together with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. It has been formulated specifically to enable skilled amateur users to achieve professionalquality results with ease. UV filters combined with the chemical cure of the polyurethane give the longest life possible.

* Hardest, abrasion­resistant finish making it an excellent choice for use on high wear areas e.g. decks (with Non­Slip Additive).
* Chemically resistant to diesel, petrol, oil, mild acids and alkalis

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0,75L, 2,5L


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Product type

Compatible with

2 component


UV Resistant Coloured topcoat

End use

Accommodation, Bulwark, Hatch Coaming


Non-Professional, Professional

Gloss Level

High gloss


Painted (1 component), Painted (2 component), Primed Steel


Multi pack

ISO 12944 Durability


ISO 12944 Environment


Budget - Low (*) to High (*****)


Productivity - Low (*) to High (*****)


Quality - Low (*) to High (*****)


UV resistance - Low (*) to High (*****)


Detailed information about Perfection – 2C High Gloss Yacht Lacquer

Intended usesHull, Deck - smooth, Deck - non-skid additive, Bilge/Lockers, Exterior cabin/trims, Interior cabin/trims, Aluminium / Zinc-Galvanised Steel, Epoxy Composite / Carbon Fibre, GRP / FRP, Steel, Wood
Volume solids49%
VOC486 gr/lt gr/lt
Min. consumption brush/roller m2/lt11.90 m2/lt
Drying time (25C)6 hrs
Drying time (10C)28 hrs
Drying time min. temp28
Min. application temp.10C
Chemistry2 part Polyurethane


Product nameDocument nameDocument typeLanguageDownload
Perfection – 2C High Gloss Yacht LacquerPDS International Perfection Yacht High Gloss FinishProduct Data SheetEnglish Download


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