Interzone 954 (20L)

High Build Surface Tolerant Abrasion Restant Epoxy Primer / Finish

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From  348,78 (incl. tax)

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A two component, low VOC, high solids, modified epoxy barrier coat designed to give long term protection in a single coat application. Will continue to cure when immersed in water and has excellent cathodic disbondment resistance.

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Detailed information about Interzone 954 (20L)

Intended usesPrimarily designed for use in offshore splashzone maintenance, where its continued cure under immersed conditions makes it ideal for coping with tidal movements and surges. May be applied to reoxidised and slightly damp surfaces. Interzone 954 has also found extensive use in a number of other corrosive environments including rail cars, pulp and paper plants, chemical plants, jetties and sluice gates. As part of a non-slip deck system in conjunction with appropriate aggregate.
Volume solids85%
VOC225 gr/lt
Max. DFT500 µm
Min. DFT250 µm
Theor m2/lt at average DFT1,70 m2/lt
Typical DFT500
Min. consumption brush/roller m2/lt1,53 m2/lt
Min. consumption spray m2/lt typical DFT1,02 m2/lt
Drying time (25C)6 hrs
Drying time (10C)16 hrs
Drying time min. temp48
Min. application temp.-5°C
Max. operating temp.?


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