Stelpant PU-MICA UV – Hull paint – Black – (3,5L & 10L)

Black 1 component coating for topside or flanks of inland ship hull.

Moisture Cured Urethane

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Qty Brush/roller or spray? Max. surface
1 (3.5l.) Min. consumption brush/roller: 6,39 m2/lt 21m2
1 (3.5l.) Min. consumption spray typical DFT: 4,26 m2/lt 14m2



Stelpant-PU-MICA UV is a high performance 1 component balck topcoat based on one component moisture-curing polyurethane pigmented with micaceous iron oxide. It is UV- resistant, has very high impact and abrasion resistance, is weatherproof and builds dense and highly resistant films.

Stelpant-PU-MICA UV has a silk gloss finish, is very UV resistant and colour stable, so keeps a very nice appearance. Black remains Black, and does not turn grey from chalking, as most bitcherman and epoxy coatings would.


Due to its unique binder system this product can be applied at temperatures ranging from -5°C to 50°C and a relative humidity level as high as 98%. Cured coatings are glossy. Applied as a system, coatings are obtained with excellent resistance to marine and industrial atmosphere.

Stelpant-PU-MICA UV Black Hull paint is commonly used on the topside or flanks of inland ships. It is compatibel with most existing coatings, including 1 component, bitecherman and old coal tar epoxy coatings.

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Weight 1.25 kg



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End use

Flanks & Underwater Hull, Topside



Detailed information about Stelpant PU-MICA UV – Hull paint – Black – (3,5L & 10L)

Intended usesStelpant-PU-Cover UV is a topcoat highly resistant against chemical influence and mechanical impact. Suitable for all types of steel structures, industrial plants, offshore and shipbuilding. Tested as part of a coating system according to DIN EN ISO 12944-6:2018-06, corrosivity category C5 and for offshore applications according to DIN EN ISO 12944-9:2018-06.
Volume solids57%
VOC406 gr/lt
Max. DFT80 µm
Min. DFT50 µm
Theor m2/lt at average DFT7,10 m2/lt
Typical DFT50 - 80
Min. consumption brush/roller m2/lt6,39 m2/lt
Min. consumption spray m2/lt typical DFT4,26 m2/lt
Drying time (25C)8 hrs
Drying time (10C)14 hrs
Min. application temp.-5°C
Max. operating temp.max. 120°C (dry heat) or 60°C (wet heat)
ChemistryMoisture Cured Urethane


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Stelpant PU-MICA UV – Hull paint – Black – (3,5L & 10L) Product Data Sheet English Download

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