Tercoo® Double Pergago Rotating Blast Disc

Tungsten Carbide Rotating disc (8 layers) to remove coatings and corrosion

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What is Tercoo?
Tercoo® is a rotating disc which can be used to remove rust, paint, tar, epoxy, putty, glue residue and the like from various materials such as steel, iron, concrete or stone.
With the help of the Tercoo® Guide, polyester surfaces can now also be cleaned. Think for example of osmosis or the removal of gelcoat.
What remains is a blasted surface with the right roughness and cleanliness, suitable for applying a new protective layer. Tercoo® provides the right surface treatment for good adhesion of new protective coatings to be applied.

How does it work?
Tercoo® is a natural rubber disc fitted with 12 carbide pins. The pins are positioned at a certain angle to the center which makes them want to come out due to the centrifugal force.
Because the natural rubber disc is flexible, the natural rubber will pull back the tungsten carbide pins creating a pendulum motion of these tungsten carbide pins. This movement causes the carbide pins to hammer on the surface to be cleaned. This will remove all contaminants and other old protective layers.
Due to the hammering action there is no heat, so even tough materials such as tar, glue and sealant can be easily removed, unlike tools where friction occurs during use. In other words, no matter what the contamination is, TERCOO always cleans it.

Detailed information about Tercoo® Double Pergago Rotating Blast Disc

Intended usesFor large areas, e.g. an underwater ship or a complete deck. Examples are underwater ship, waterline, deck and cleaning for welding


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