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Are you looking for the product Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige? Then at PaintDeals you are without a doubt in the right place. If you want to start indoor painting at a professional level soon, Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige is highly recommended. This product works flawlessly both as a spray and with brushes and rollers. The paint is available from us in packs of various sizes. Depending on your specific operations, order the quantity you need.

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The properties of Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige

Magnacryl Prestige and other Trimetal products are very popular with professional painters. This is really only logical, as products from this renowned brand offer many benefits. In fact, they are very user-friendly and available in several colors. In addition, this paint is non-glossy, water and grease repellent and 100% acrylic. In addition, Magnacryl Prestige from Trimetal has a beautiful beading effect. You buy this paint from Trimetal easily in our web shop. In our offer you will also find paint products from other top brands, such as Herbol, Levis and Sikkens paint to buy online.

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At PaintDeals, we are always here for you. If anything is still unclear about the use of Magnacryl Prestige or other products from Trimetal, such as Magnatex from Trimetal, be sure to contact our customer service department. You can do so by calling (+32) 475407265 or by sending an e-mail to We would love to hear from you!

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