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Which is now the best matte paint for walls and ceilings?

We compared Lucite All-in 5 Mat vs Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige Mat vs Sikkens Alphacryl Morpha vs Herbol Zenit PU 03 Mat.

The one drives a bit sportier with a BMW, the other prefers a little more comfort with Mercedes, and Audi offers an intermediate solution. Which one is better is a difficult question to answer, and is rather a personal preference according to the user’s wishes.

Similarly, one professional painter swears by Herbol Zenit PU 03, while the other swears by Sikkens Alphacryl Morpha or Trimetal Magancryl Prestige. They are all top of the bill AkzoNobel products of the highest quality that offer a beautiful finish and quality results. Often it is more about which product the painter has the most experience with.

But there is a new player on the market, made in Germany, that has already proved its worth with an exceptionally high-quality facade paint, called Lucite House Paint. Without a doubt the most universal in its category, often without a primer where others often require a primer. That saves!

Recently Lucite launched a range of wall and ceiling paints under the names Lucite all-in 5 matt, Lucite all-in 10 satin matt and Lucite all-in 15 satin gloss. We compared Lucite All-in 5 mat to the industry’s top Trimetal Magnacryl Prestige Mat; Sikkens Alphacryl Morpha and Herbol Zenit PU 03 Matt.

What does the Lucite all-in 5 do as well, or even better?

Let’s face it, the Lucite all-in 5 can generally be placed in the same category of quality, coverage and use, with the following differences:

  • – A universal one-pot system with a wider range of substrates where the Lucite all-in 5 shows excellent adhesion, without the use of primer. This can also save on masking work.
  • – On large surfaces and ceilings, the Lucite all-in 5 is less sensitive to grazing light

This makes the Lucite all-in 5 a better solution for us for large surfaces such as staircases, production halls, supermarkets, schools, industrial spaces, underground garages,…

The Lucite All-in 5 can be used on almost all mineral surfaces: concrete, plaster of mortar groups P2-P5, wall putty products and plasterboard. Also suitable for fiberglass fabric, smooth non-woven wallpaper, profiles, wood, non-ferrous metals, hard PVC,…


  • – universal direct adhesion
  • – smooth satin gloss finish
  • – low tendency to soiling
  • – can also be applied by brush or roller
  • – wet abrasion class 1
  • – resistant to acqueous detergents and disinfectants
  • – maintains the original structure of the surface
  • – good vapour-permeability
  • – the perfect choice for over-head applications
  • – coating does not influence fire behaviour
  • – with fire protection and „Food Hygiene“ certificate

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